It seems like I got quite a number of hits on my blog today. I apologize for not being able to add a new post. I thought I could when Stuart (the guy I liaise with at our Vendor) lent me his 3G modem. I was pretty disheartened when I realized there isn’t any coverage at my hotel.

The trip so far has been a real treat really. The 14 hour flight (not including the transit at Changi Airport) was probably the most painful part of the trip thus far. I flew in the A380. I did get a eerie feeling; a ‘Final Destination’ vibe when I keep seeing/hearing news about the A380’s engines having problems. I even eyed a paper article (I spied the lady sitting next to me while she reading the papers) talking about the A380 problems Singapore Airlines was facing. But I did get to London safely so that’s 50% clear.

I arrived at a very busy London Heathrow. It was really buzzing like Isetan during the Isetan sale back in KL. I found my limo driver and we left for the hotel immediately. The ‘limo’ was actually a Toyota Prius. I want to note that the ‘seamless’ change between the petrol engine and the electric engine isn’t really seamless. So for those be-green-nuts are thinking of the Prius, think some more.

London is the only place where people park their Aston Martins on the roadside.

Arrived at the hotel and realized that the hotel isn’t clear on some of my earlier instructions. They wanted to block off some credit on my credit card since the instruction to them was that the Vendor was only paying for the ROOM only. This meant I had to spend 16 pounds on dinner. Pfftt…

The night here is really nice and cold.

The room I got at the Tower Hotel has an excellent view of the London Bridge. Wish I was higher up. Only issue was that I had to snake through approximately a hundred paces to get to my room meandering through the long corridors at the hotel.

Woke up early the next morning from a very excellent night’s sleep. No dreams, no sounds or noises (apart from the party that was happening downstairs). Left the room at half past 7 and headed down for breakfast. English breakfast is pretty awesome.

Sunday morning, met Stuart after breakfast and he picked me up from the hotel and we headed to the Vendor’s office. It’s only about 10 minutes ride away from the hotel. Work went flawlessly (as in, all the issue’s we’ve been anticipating did occur). I returned to the hotel a couple of hours later. It was a Sunday, so Stuart had to leave and return to his wife. The charboh beckons. 🙂

Gave Eng Han a call and planned to meet up for lunch. He brought me to a pub (can’t recall the name) and ordered a ‘bitter’ as Dad recommends. Tastes like, light ale. Nice. Wanted to order real British pub food so I asked for Steak and Ale pie. Eng Han and Valerie ordered Chicken and Mushroom pie and Lasagna respectively.

London is really cold now.

We continue on a walk around the city. We passed Leicester Square where there were at least 3 cineplexes there. Odeon is apparently famous. I have no idea. We then walked on to Piccadilly Circus where all the big shops are. The list goes on. I had duck rice at China town which in retrospect cost an arm and a leg. I halved the bill with Eng Han since he paid for lunch. Thanks a bunch mate. Thanks to Val for giving me the A+ tour too.

Here are some of the photos of the day. Not really taking photos since I come in to work at the office, not much to take. 🙂


Another milestone crossed in my life. Albeit I think it’s quite unnecessary. In the time span it takes for me to submit my resignation and work through my notice period, I can actually gain and lose a relationship. Doesn’t say much about my social management skills. It’s almost like taking home a stray and a month later she bites your hand off. But such is life and there’s no replacement for real hard lessons. You hear stories about other people you just never think it could happen to you. I think that’s one of the secrets to surviving. Expect the unexpected, don’t unassumingly drive into a brick wall. Similarly, don’t exclude the fact that the wall could never fall on you.

I guess this is one chapter that will never be closed any time soon. It’s an evolving story and it’ll continue on til the day I die. I think I got off easy, depression didn’t take long to subside and I still manage to function normally. Uh-oh, is this the by-product of ‘experience’? Then it’s a shame, I don’t want to be the most experienced, kinda defeats the purpose ain’t it.

I wonder if it was that hard to believe that you could learn to love someone in 2 weeks? Well, not the kind that’ll have me taking your place at a state hanging, but the kind that would have me go out of my way to help. I’m sure if 2 weeks became 2 months, I’d sacrifice more. 2 years? Who knows? Kidneys and a lung? 20 years? Everything?

So I think I’d end with one word of advice to my non-existent readers; We are all alone here. You make decisions for yourself and never for others. You can only hope your decisions would influence others in a relatively positive manner. Never expect anyone to return a favour.

I’m kidding.

I’d at least dare say, it was a real sweet glimpse or a reminder that when it works, life is beautiful. I guess I’d do it again.

Have a great inspiration to deny communication and commit no response to every and all beck and call. I’m evil that way. But maybe all this spite stems from a bigger much larger incident that has totally compelled me to fight the urge of bursting a artery, being dishonorable, kindle malice like a growing fire and perhaps, saying no when I want to.

Perhaps people can’t immediately associate how much OTHER PEOPLE interact and share the same space between them. Saying something cause I think I’m right or don’t give a f**k doesn’t help others… in anyway, more so if it was said blatantly to stroke one’s ego of self-believing in his/her righteousness. No one is always fully right, not especially when it’s always only one-side of the story. Thus, we’re almost constantly semi-wrong.

But anyway, I’m only talking like this because I don’t want to mention names or point a finger at who or what I’m ranting about. Keeping it abstract makes people think and there will be many who won’t understand, but perhaps 1-2 might just get it. That’s probably the most sinister I would’ve liked to be all week.

Planning a major medley for my sister’s wedding (but don’t get your hopes up Chee, I do work for ACN afterall). Extremely difficult to get airtime to practice. But I guess I shouldn’t be making any more excuses.

Here’s a list of ‘oldies’ or a collection of tunes that I use to hear her play on the piano when we were little punk kids. After many days of asking around, turns out a friend of mine (that seemed to have no musical clue what-so-ever) helped identify the title to the tune. Thanks TC!

1. Heart and Soul by Unknown
2. Minuet in G by Johann Sebastian Bach
3. Wedding in a Dream by Unknown
4. Somewhere Out There by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
5. Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel

Of course there’s a tonne of work to do before the arrangement has any semblance of a cohesive musical piece. We’re talking transitions, guitar solo’s and the maiden playing the piano/keyboard. Getting practice will be the most difficult thing to do.

I have no working piece to feature here (will probably never ever have one) but keep posted on the possibilities.

Eek, now it appears that I haven’t been blogging at all for the past… 1-2 months. Can’t bring myself to tranpose emotions to text. Christmas has come and gone. I would use the word ‘solemn’ to best describe how things really are. Yu Vern’s not around. So every single bit of happiness is tainted by thoughts of him. How do you get by not feeling guilty being happy without him? Well ofcourse now, he’s having a much better time than all of us combined, but still… it’s never going to be the same. There can be no real happiness now. At least not until you remember what it’s like to not have Christmas without him.

What did we do for Christmas Eve? Things at home are certainly moving. Everyone’s got together for a massive spring cleaning. We getting rid of ALOT of junk we’ve gathered over the years as a family. Some blood curdling jems of the past (wink to Sue-Ann!). Clearing up parts of my trustee ‘library’ cabinet made me realize how many harddisk drives I’ve gone through since I first started buying computers. How do I get rid of these? Aiya, it’s so mafan. How do I safely destroy harddisks apart from using a hammer or digging a hole in the ground??

I think I must’ve pulled a muscle/spinal disk sometime when lifting heavy junk. Now I’m aching all over my lower back. Short sharp spasm when I think a spinal bone presses on some nerves. The pain is moving to the front and I keep thinking it’s a tummy ache. Hrm… will need to see a doctor then.

Christmas was spent at Kajang with good ol’ familiar faces. Like almost every year, we get together over food and strong bonds of friendship and laughter. It’s nice to see things like this continue on. It’s like a growing snapshot in time, sooner or later everyone’s gonna be married. Some will be making kids faster than I can say ‘wait’. But all is good in that sense.

Christmas is now gone. Faded and all our hearts are headed and poised for the new year. Gauging oneself and measuring past mistakes, some drastic changes are in order. Let’s not be disheartened and for those that are, remember to Pray.

Been taking time off from blogging. I know there isn’t much blogging to begin with, but yeah… since my last post, I’ve stopped twittering as well. Mainly because the mobile application ‘Twibble!’ expired and now it ain’t free for use. Hrm… I just wanted to jump into the foray of things and put in a quick post. But the broadband in this country is like trying to make a steam train get-it-on while chugging stones into the steam furnace. Much has happened in the past month or so. My sister got married. Congratulations to me sista and “Chow Pang“~ Plenty of other people are getting married in November too! Like, every other weekend!! Harsh, that’s so harsh. 🙂 Anyway, to stop rambling, I’m ready to leave for work. Let’s pray I’ll be able to end this week of lowness at a high.

No…no… I didn’t forget his birthday. We had a celebration over the weekend with his friend hence why I posted an entry on his birthday.

My brother was born on the 14th of October 1992. I was 9 years old. I didn’t know nuts then, I still carried my stinky-poo pillow around, probably suckled on the pascifier still (abit old but yeah…). I still have images in my head about tip-toeing to have a glimpse through the window of the new-born nursery. The baby didn’t at all look like me, plus his head was small (to my Mom’s relief). The next time I saw him, Mom had brought him home and not long after that, she start screaming at us for not keeping the house clean during her absence.

“Those were the days when Mom still had the strength to chase us around with the ‘ting-kia’.”

I can still hold the many many memories I have of Yu Vern. I did spent a good…10-12 years sleeping next to him. Ever since he got promoted to sleep in the ‘boys’ room. He was great company. When he was younger and still mischevious, Mom would come in scolding while he was still sleeping (either because she think he didn’t study, didn’t do his homework, didn’t eat or did something wrong). He would quietly lay still and listen. After that he would cry. Aww.

I can remember being very angry at him. He shot his bb pellets at my blinds in my room not knowing the INDENTS that now seem riddled all over it like bullet holes! I was so pissed, I smashed his bb gun. Sigh… he tore a t-shirt I gave him after that. Brotherly squabbles. We never held a grudge.

I can remember whispering in his ears when he was younger, about 4-5 years old that I loved him. Well, I could do it then cause he was cute. You know? He was the baby ma… who didn’t love him then?

Everytime I scolded or sounded him, I would always feel bad after that. And everytime I felt sorry, I would always promise myself that I will donate any half of me that I could to save his life if he got into an accident. I felt as though that he was my legacy since he followed me so much, I could not disappoint.


Anyway, even if I had regrets, I’d say, I have no regrets. Even if I said, I should’ve done something, I couldn’t. There’s nothing I could’ve done then. I only wished I told him I love him more. Luckily I did once… when we were walking home from either Mosin or the coffee shop. I can’t remember. But I did tell him, “Vern, you know I love you right?” He started to cringe and claim insanity after hearing those words… “Gay, u gay! *spat* *spat*”… 😀

“I must never forget. We must never forget.”

Alas, here comes a time when we have to believe that his sacrifice saved us all and I truly believe it did. There can be no denying it.

Happy Birthday to you Vern. Every day we live saved from here on, is your Birthday.

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